Theodossis A. Theodossiou, PhD.  Theo has been a Collaborating Researcher in the former Institute of Physical Chemistry (2006-2009 under the project ENTER and consequently up to 2013, as a research associate of NCSRD). Theo devoted part of his activities to the LSSC research collaborating with Dr. K Yannakopoulou within the ITN CYCLON frame. Theo has been instrumental in the developing of the porphyrin-cyclodextrin as well as RSNO-cyclodextrin projects with PDT applications. His expertise involved Photodynamic Therapy and biological applications of the cyclodextrin systems prepared by the LSSC chemists. He has been co-supervising part-time the research of LSSC PhD students (C. Agelidou, M. Manouilidou, A. R. Goncalves) and of junior post-doc Dr. L. Piras. Thanks to his expertise, the research has already afforded 3 major journal publications. Theo has been an invited lecturer in the 2nd CYCLON Summer School in Bologna, Italy (September 2011) and an invited speaker in the International Conference “Applications of Nanodrugs in Photodynamic Therapy”, April 11-12, 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden, which was organized by the Center for Skin Research (UGOT and Chalmers U., Sweden) and co-sponsored by CYCLON. Presently, Theo is a Research Associate at the Department of Radiation Biology Institute for Cancer Research, The Radium Hospital in Oslo Norway Theodossis.Theodossiou“at”